Parksafe Automotive are an award-winning company that has been involved in the Automotive industry for over 32 years.

Parksafe-UK Limited  offer  high quality products which include Silent Witness Dashcams , in-car cameras & monitors, parking sensor kits, safety lighting, security locks, power inverters and a host of consumables to support the products


This technology is perfect for your drivers to help them drive more safely. Both internal and external CCTV Vehicle Camera Systems can help with blind spot activity and provide reversing aids by giving your driver a live feed of everything around them.

Vehicle CCTV cameras are fast becoming a must-have for fleet operators. They can record valuable footage in the event of a collision. The cameras can provide real peace of mind, as the evidence they provide can be used as evidence in court should the worst happen.

The devices record in a constant loop on to their memory cards, and use GPS to recognise when you come to a sudden halt, in the event of a collision, so that the all-important footage isn’t overwritten.


Global manufacturer of Dash Cameras. Strong focus on the design, manufacture and supply.

A Dash Camera is a small, windscreen mounted in car camera that records in front or in some cases behind you.

Save money on your insurance and protect no claims when wrongly accused.